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Divagando en concreto II
For a long time now I have been interested in exploring alternative and sustainable means of transport in the city; free routes, with autonomous trajectories and rhythms. This concern has led me to get involved in urban dynamics such as skate and longboard dancing and share with many of its practitioners. For most, getting on a bus is the last option; they prefer to travel on their own using their skateboards, thus avoiding the great discomfort generated by inefficiency and the cost overrun of Bogota public transport.
The animation allows us to visualize the discrepancy between the possible routes they take and those of urban transport. Here they interact: geometric and organic elements, which allude to the architectural and whose relationship oscillates between the notions of freedom and imposition; fluidity and rigidity; autonomy and dependence. Graphically it tells us of a normalized zenith look, of the constant use of apps based on GPS technology, which monitor the usual movement of people. The sound broadens our perception of skaters, wheels and their close relationship with the floor, their dialogues and experiences. The diary allows us to navigate the process and share with this community, to inhabit and recognize that it entails transporting autonomously.
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Technical Info: Video installation of 2 pieces. A projection on the wall with headphones and a digital diary on a tablet screen.
Sound art: Oscar Diaz.
Prize winner: Beca de producción MAMBO PFA 2019, Colombia, 2020.

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