Media artist and professional photographer based in Colombia. His expertise is in visual & image design and advertising, while his interests are linked to academic practices. He is a teacher and researcher in fields such as media studies and artistic creation, centering his work around the questions of autonomy in regards to being in a society, exploring the relation between body and architecture. The subject of environmental deterioration precedes several of his investigations. At the moment he uses photography as the main medium to develop his ideas, also hybrid formats such as GIF, cinemagraph, video-art and animation.
2018-2019  Art Studies Programm – Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, Colombia.
2017-2018  Photography Postgraduate – National University of Colombia.
2015-2016  Exchange scholarship – Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. 
2012-2017  Graphic Design – National University of Colombia.

*Photo credit: Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá.
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