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The wheel seen as an extension of the body reaches its maximum expression in practices such as skateboarding, where the practitioner propelling himself and dominating the inertia to move, manages to extend his perceptive abilities on the environment as well as activating the urban space. The architecture of a place goes from being solid and static to a temporary experience, a sensation based on the mediation of the body while moving continuously and quickly using roller skates, skateboards or similar. For the skaters this translates into a personal exploration that revolves around the balance, as gravity is challenged and the verticality of the human being is tested by performing tricks, turns and radical changes of direction or speed.
This project raises an approach to that place called skatepark, whose structures reflect the cyclical nature of this practice, one place is crossed over and over without a final destination, the satisfaction relies on repetition, the incessant come and go in one place. Fact that the observer in an illusory way perceives as something fluid and simple, but demands great concentration, and also contrasts with other urban dynamics such as the walker who passes by with no greater regret than reaching his destination.
Part of that proximity to this place is linked to an external and city view that was developed in two pieces, making use of mixed formats such as cinemagraph and photo-video, which allow us to think on questions between the static and the movement. On the other hand there is the personal experience of the practitioner, who achieves a perceptive alteration when rolling; for which a third piece was made approaching from his point of view that distorted perception of space to generate a closer experience.
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Technical Info: Video installation of 3 pieces working together, 1 projection, 1 TV and 1 tablet.
Sound art: Oscar Diaz.
Rider: Rafael Rodriguez.

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