The Mochuelo neighborhood Near the Doña Juana dump suffers the consequences of poor waste management in Bogota, its inhabitants are invisible to the government and live an epidemic of flies, which day by day are a metaphor for food and cause for mockery. In response to the critical situation they receive a supply of plastic plates, which strengthen in a sinister way the link between the domestic, the food and the flies.

We question the use of plastic and glue, both pollutants, to give solution to an environmental problem and the shallowness of the actions by the state that remain in making the problem bearable and cover the sun with a finger. These dishes were collected directly from the houses in the neighborhood and arranged as an installation to evoke local and institutional cynicism.

The video was created in 2020 to bring the project into the digital ecosystem, displaying one of the dishes, photographed and animated with local sounds.

Technical Info:

2018 – Installation 01: 1 plastic plate in the wall with led light behind.

2018 – Installation 02: 72 plastic plates hanging from the ceiling and ambient sound of flies.

2020 – Video art, 16:9, 1:00.

Collaborators: Omar Bernal.

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