An architectural structure is perceived based on how it is inhabited, parameters such as gravity, the position of the lights inside a building, the direction of a staircase or the doors and windows guide our perception. These elements act in the same way when you see the photograph of an architectural space, the look intuitively seeks to give that sense of the inhabited to the image, that gratifying logic, generating an iconic interpretation that connects what is being seen with its possible version in the physical world.

To appreciate the qualities of a structure, it is necessary to fade a bit this preconception of the space housed in our memory and product of the natural verticality of the human being, to move from the faithfully represented to a more symbolic version that we understand as space because it retains its appearance, but susceptible to a greater number of interpretations, where the referent is presented in the photograph but it is not possible to imagine it accurately. We speak of a sign that only gives us the idea of ​​inhabited space through the realism proper to the medium, but which is difficult to imagine in the known world.
To strengthen the artifice it is important to preserve the scale relationship between the architecture and the human being, for it paper silhouettes were located inside the place that facilitate the viewer to put himself inside the built scene, inviting him to imagine in the conventional but in other senses, questioning where it is up or down and what goes which way, concepts that precede our understanding of any space.
Technical Info: 2 photographs, 110×60 cms & 25×35 cms.

Prize Winner: Salón de Arte Anapoima 2019. Categoría Digital.

Stares (ES)

La arquitectura que recorremos día a día se percibe a partir del cuerpo y su habitar, parámetros como la gravedad, el horizonte, la dirección de una escalera o las puertas, delimitan nuestra percepción, igualmente al ver la fotografía de un espacio, buscamos intuitivamente darle ese sentido de lo vivido, mezclando imagen y memoria para validar su existencia.

Apreciar las cualidades de una estructura arquitectónica implica desvanecer un poco esta pre-concepción del sentido lógico de las cosas, pasar de lo fielmente representado a una versión incierta donde la forma se libera de su funcionalidad. Esta fotografía propone ver más allá de la verticalidad natural del ser humano para entender su entorno, muestra una escena que se vale del realismo propio del medio para hablar de un espacio cotidiano, pero sus contradicciones buscan alejar el espectador del problema de lo real para enriquecer su mirada.

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