Actos Libertarios

This project covers issues of community, collective identity, human connection and coexistence from a common heritage space, La Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá. It shows how citizens inhabit shared landscapes, questioning the fundamental essence of interaction in society and the symbolic nature of language and gesture in a public place in times of pandemic.

Through scenes taken during the quarantine period, each photograph comes to various definitions of what it means to be one while being part of a larger whole. The personal experience is captured in different moments that account for the belonging, the memory and the local traditions. The series is testimony from different strata of the so-called new normal, the characters portrayed are intertwined with personal gestures that are connected in the public space, in the midst of social distancing.
Technical Info: 10 photographs, 75×50 cm

Prize Winner: Premio de fotografía – Ciudad de Bogotá


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